Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Interpol and Secret Machines

On tour. Hitting Seattle. This show will rock. Rachelle will make me go.
Secret Machines is like Dark Side of the Moon meets OK Computer with some RUSH. Not kidding.

Even Hotter chicks!!!

Hot Chicks!!!

Monday, August 30, 2004

Quote Of The Day

"No drug, not even alcohol, causes the fundamental ills of society. If we?re looking for the sources of our troubles, we shouldn?t test people for drugs, we should test them for stupidity, ignorance, greed and love of power." P.J. O'Rourke

Her own road...how cute!

Courtesy of Jeremy: "No money in Vegas...No problem"

Secret Robin Williams shows at The Showbox

This coming Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday there will be some secret shows at The Showbox with Robin Williams. He's previewing new material for a new record and tour to take place next year. Tickets are $25 per for charity, no lists at all. 500 capacity per night, cabaret seating. Doors at 7pm. Show at 8pm. Seating is first come, first serve.

Do not forward this to the press, as per RW's request.

Eric's note: I think the Tuesday performance is sold out, but the Wednesday and Thursday shows go onsale tomorrow (Tuesday) at 10AM at www.ticketswest.com.

Brandi and I already have tickets for the Wednesday show - so if you try and get tickets, go on Wednesday. Good luck!

Sunday, August 29, 2004

Quote Of The Day

"When making a decision of minor importance, I have always found it advantageous to consider all the pros and cons. In vitalmatters, however, such as the choice of a mate or a profession, the decision should come from the unconscious, from somewhere within ourselves. In the important decisions of personal life, we should be governed, I think, by the deep inner needs of our nature." - Sigmund Freud

Tough Guys

Forster Wins Again!

Grant is on fire.

A cup cake eating contest is what results after you get really wasted at thirtieth B-Day parties. The frosting was delicious all by itself!

Thursday, August 26, 2004

Quote Of The Day

"I like living. I have sometimes been wildly, despairingly, acutely miserable, racked with sorrow, but through it all I still know quite certainly that just to be alive is a grand thing."- Agatha Christie

Eddie and Spiezio

Vedder and McCready take BP with Ms

Here's a little story from today's Times about Ed and Mike taking battting practice with the Mariners:


Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Quote Of The Day

"The road to happiness lies in two simple principles: find what it is that interests you and that you can do well, and when you find it, put your whole soul into it -- every bit of energy and ambition and natural ability you have."- John D. Rockefeller III

And so it begins...

Good evening bloggers,

Tomorrow will be my first full day back at work and although I am excited, it is sad to see summer come to an end.

I am guessing that I will not be posting as frequently until things settle down in October. However, I will try to do my best to keep posting any and all items I think you will find interesting.

My challenge to all of you that read the site everyday is for you to try to post one thing daily. I don't care if it is a joke, a picture, a movie trailer, or a news story. Just keep posting and commenting away. The more the merrier.

Also, please forward the site to all the people you think might be interested. If we work a pyramid scheme we can triple the amount of people posting and get some great cleaning products at the same time. Let me know if I need to send an invite.

Anyway, nice to have you on board. I hope you have been enjoying this forum and that you will continue to do so.

P.S. Can we please get some female perspective around here?

Tuesday, August 24, 2004

PJ at the Showbox

I have been telling a few of you this for a while now, but now it's official.

Seattle radio station, 107.7 The End, announced earlier this morning that Pearl Jam will be part of the line-up for the No Vote Left Behind concerts in Seattle at the end of September. While there wasn't any specific information released, all signs are pointing to another appearance at The Showbox on the 24th of September (and possibly, the 25th). Tickets for the event go on sale on September 10. Just as it was with the Vote For Change tour, you must be at least 18 years old and a registered US citizen to purchase tickets as each ticket cost is a contribution to No Vote Left Behind (a political action committee).Also appearing will be Queensryche, David Cross, Mudhoney, John Doe, Grant Lee Phillips, Pansy Division, the scAVENGERS, Jon Brion, Matthew Caws (Nada Surf), John Roderick (Long Winters), JohnVanderslice, The Delays, Robbers On High Street, Kinski, El Vez, Hedwig and The Angry Inch with more acts to be announced after this year's Bumbershoot.

More tunes on the OC

Modest Mouse, the Killers and the Walkmen are all scheduled to appear on The O.C. during the show's second season. The Killers and the Walkmen have already filmed their segments, which take place in a new club that the program's characters are launching. Walkmen bassist Pete Bauer said, "The characters are opening a club -- like the Peach Pit After Dark on 90210 -- it's called the Bait Shop. They wanted a band to open it up. So I think we're the first band at the Bait Shop." Neither Bauer nor Killers frontman Brandon Flowers divulged many details of their appearances, except to say that they both perform in the background during scenes set in the club, and that both bands got to play two songs each during the filming. Alternative music has featured prominently in the hit show, with songs by Franz Ferdinand and Interpol aired on the show last year. The program's theme song, "California," is by the band Phantom Planet, and a soundtrack album released last March featured contributions by Jet and the Dandy Warhols, among others.
The O.C.'s season premiere is set for Thursday, November 4th at 8:00 P.M. ET on the Fox network.

I knew they would do a Peach Pit. Classic.

Costner and Ripken

An interesting urban legend in regards to "the streak" and marital infidelity.

Happy Hour in Seattle

Here is the story about the girl who has created a happy hour database.

Here is the website.

I have already bookmarked it. You should too. Didn't Cari and Louis already do this once?

Monday, August 23, 2004

Instant Classics

Here are some fun video clips from Saturday night:

"I can't drink it"

"Verms and I were In Utero"

Next time you see Brian, be sure and ask what "little baby" means...

Uh-oh...Chad is going to miss a few games...

Looks like practice was a bit too rough for Chad Brown.

Glen! Glen! Glen!

This ad just cracks me up...


(I think that is the real band Survivor parodying their own song)

Sunday, August 22, 2004

Amy in Vegas

Hi everyone! Aaron and I have arrived in Vegas and are busily getting settled in. We arrived last weekend to fairly overcast weather, so it was only a whopping 99 degrees or so while we unloaded the truck. We took our time driving down, so we are still in the process of unpacking. I got a little dehydrated when we first got here, but soon learned that I need to drink LOTS of water all the time. I have a water bottle superglued to my wrist.

The apartment we are renting is beautiful! And huge too--almost 1300 square feet. We have lots of big windows, and the dining area has a great view of the mountains (couldn't tell you what they're called yet. Still need to study Nevada geography and history before I teach fifth grade...). We have a den and a spare room, so there is plenty of room for visitors! Aaron and I have a sort-of-secret bet going on who will visit us in Vegas first.

This week I have been very busy with teacher orientation. If I had to choose one word to describe the experience, I'd have to say WOW. The district hired 1950 licensed teachers just this year, so you can imagine all of us running around at different meetings all week. The district seems pretty organized and uniform, which makes sense since it's so big. 187 elementary schools alone. I got to meet my principal (also named Amy) and assistant principal also. They gave me a tour of the school and the keys to my classroom. I have to say that I was spoiled when teaching in Edmonds, because I had such a new, beautiful school. This building isn't as nice, but what will be more important to me is the climate of the school staff. I'm crossing my fingers! Fifth graders--here I come! I plan on keeping a Costco supply of deodorant on hand for those raging hormones. Wish me luck.

Aaron is currently working with his friend that he knows from softball, who owns a tire replacement business. He has placed his resumes and applications to a few warehouse companies also. So we are both coming right along for just being here for a few days!

I will keep you all posted as much as I can. Please feel free to email or call. My new phone number is 702 374 2615. Love ya! Amy

Grant's Horse wins $100,000 race

Way to go Grant. Can I borrow some $$$ please?
Great story.

Friday, August 20, 2004



Thursday, August 19, 2004

More awards for Arrested Development

I know a few of you that read this are fans. Very cool stuff. Click heyaw.

Another Great Trailer

This must be great director week. David O. Russell has made three of my favorite movies: Spanking the Monkey, Flirting With Disaster, and Three Kings. This also looks good and has a great cast. Enjoy.

Have you ever googled yourself?

Here is what I found.

Garden State and the Village

OK it's movie discussion time. I will start with the Village. This is definitely my least favorite M. Night movie so far. However, because it is an M. Night movie there are still many redeeming qualities. My favorite M. Night movie by a long shot is Unbreakable because of how well it holds up on repeat viewings. Plus, like the Sixth Sense, the ending makes perfect sense. Here I didn't really care for the ending, or I should say how the ending was delivered.
I loved the first half of the Village due to it's intriguing story, moody atmosphere, and suspense. But I believe it falls apart in the last third because M. Night tries to trick us one too many times. Due to the fact that many of you haven't seen it yet I will not post spoilers . For those of you that have seen it, I will post my thoughts in the comment section and you can check them out now. Otherwise stay away. But basically I believe The Village is M. Night's satire on fear mongering by the Bush administration. Hmmm...

Garden State
First of all, I had a bit of a special connection with this movie because a couple of years ago I went through a similar situation as the main character. In the movie Zack Braff's character is going home to New Jersey to attend his mom's funeral after being away for ten years . I had my ten year reunion the same day as my dad's funeral and let me tell you the first night of the reunion was the most confused,aliented, and alone I have ever felt in my life. I wasn't just paranoid, people actaully were talking about me everywhere I turned. I just wanted to run away really. There is a scene in the movie where Zach is reunited with his friends at a party and he looks completely out of place and emotionally removed. Like he is thinking "who are these people and what the hell am I doing here?" Been there done that. The movie conveys these emotions perfectly.

Personal similarities aside this is a basic 'boy returns home and meets/visits many quirky local characters and learns something about himself' story. But it works. It's very funny and touching at the same time. Also, Natalie Portman steals the show as his new epileptic compulsive-lying girlfriend. As a bonus, she is now much older than the 13 year-old she portrayed when she stole the movie Beautiful Girls and so I no longer need to feel guilty about thinking she is hot.

The music throughout Garden State also never disappoints. Coldplay, Zero 7, The Postal Service, Iron and Wine (covering the Postal Service) all contribute great songs here. Also, The Shins recieve there High Fidelity moment (a la The Beta Band) when Natalie Portman's character places headphones on Zach's head and tells him how much she loves The Shins. Then New Slang is played. Very cool. It's like someone took one of my mix cd''s and told the producers to use it for the soundtrack.

More Village thoughts in the comment section.
Please post your thoughts on these two movies as well.

The US pays 25k for a gold, 15k for silver, 10k for bronze. What do other countries pay??

Here is an interesting article on how other governments reward their olympic athletes.

Wednesday, August 18, 2004

We can all stop worrying...

Thank goodness. Now she can get back to making naughty tapes.

Arrested Development on DVD

If there is one TV DVD set worth purchasing, this is it. For those of you who have not seen Arrested Development you are really missing some insane comedy.
Set your Netflix que now!

I realize I sound like a DVD salesman. However, there are only a few things I believe in: the infield fly rule, no sex before marriage, pizza with extra sauce, and Arrested Development being the funniest show on TV.

Bear loves Rainier Beer

Pretty Funny
I wouldn't drink Busch either. Good for the bear.

Tuesday, August 17, 2004

New Wes Anderson and Bill Murray Movie

Bottle Rocket, Rushmore, and the Royal Tenembaums are three of my favorite movies. Bottle Rocket cracks my top five actually. Love that movie. So many quotes.

"Who dat man?"
she asked me if i wanted to go water skiing or lie out and i realized at that moment that not only did i not want to answer that question, but i never wanted to answer any question about watersports or anything else ever again."
" How does an asshole like Bob get such a nice kitchen? "

Click here to see the newest trailer from Wes Anderson. Can't wait.

Who are these guys?? Posted by Hello

Angie's Grandpa

This is a great article in today's P.I. about Angie's grandpa Tom who passed away last week. If you haven't been up to the Kubota Gardens it is well worth your trip. Very beautiful!

Monday, August 16, 2004

Seattle is the most overpriced city

Fairly interesting article here. Basically to sum it up the article says we are getting screwed.
Click here.

Sunday, August 15, 2004

Pearl Jam Eyeing Winter Studio Return

I'm sure that this is not news to Trent, but it might be to a lot of other people :)


Friday, August 13, 2004

Seahawks win Super Bowl! Who wants to be a part of history?

Tell all your family and friends..."I got to see a Seahawks preseason game againse the Broncos the year they won the Super Bowl" or " I saw The Hammer knock out Randy Moss in a preseason game the year the Hawks won it all". Not many people are lucky enough to say these kinds of things...and I'M GIVING YOU A CHANCE TO DO IT FOR FREE!!!

Thats right, two free tickets to either the Broncos on Aug 21, or the Vikings on Sep 2. Hell, if you reply any time this month, I'll give you two tickets to both games. Take a minute to digest this information. A chance to be a part of history at no cost to you. That is an average of $0 per ticket. Amazing. Just let me know who wants them and their yours...

Terms and Conditions: Anyone who accepts the tickets is in debt forever to David Anthony Rocco Vermeulen.

Wednesday, August 11, 2004

The Future World Poker Tour Champions!

Adios Amy! We will miss you very much and we wish you and Aaron the best in Las Vegas. You are a great friend to everyone and a wonderful teacher.


Since there has been some TiVo talk around here lately, I thought I'd share something I learned today. I get email newsletters from TiVo and in today's issue they talk about something called "TiVoToGo" Apparently they announced it back in January.

Here is what they said in today's email:

You Ask, We Answer

Q. I was wondering if you could update us as to the status of TiVoToGo? As a person who travels 60% of the year, I'd find this feature invaluable and am excited to learn more. Thank you. Brent N.

A. Thanks, Brent! Your question gave me an excuse to investigate a feature I've been anticipating myself. If you haven't heard, later this year, a TiVo service update will be released that includes TiVoToGo - a home media feature that will enable unprecedented portability options in digital recording, like the ability to transfer recorded programs from your TiVo box to your laptop, for example, so you can take your favorite shows with you. TiVoToGo will also allow you to burn the transferred programs on your computer to DVD for permanent safekeeping with the purchase of third-party software from Sonic Solutions. You'll receive this service update automatically during your regular connection to the TiVo service.

Here's a link to the January Press Release:
(In case you want to read more)

Mark Lanegan

This site http://www.metacritic.com/ does a similar rating service for music etc. that Rottentomatoes does for film. It tabulates all the reviews to give a concise numerical score for a new album. For example, the new Mark Lanegan gets a 76, which is a very positive score.
Mark Lanegan

Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Hi My name is Gay Doorman, I am looking for a strong male to cuddle with...please stop by the Alexis Hotel for male Love... Posted by Hello

Da Boys - 9/19 -

Trent, here is the deal...we do two car washes in the next couple of weeks...me, you and who ever else wants a piece. All proceeds go to two concerts. Endfest and The Beastie Boys. The Fest will cost $11 and Da Boys will cost $50. So if we charge $10 a car, all we have to do to get 4 of us in is wash 25 cars. Seems reasonable.

I need to be at the Beastie's concert. I have waited too long, but I just checked TicketBastard, and you can still get at least 4 seats on the floor. Please tell me that my friends can still handle moshing to the front of a Beastie's concert. It's not too late is it?!?

End Fest 13

This is the first time I have been excited about an END FEST in a long time. I can tell you from experience that the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Franz Ferdinand, and the Muse are all great live. Definitely worth $10.77 to sit on the lawn. And Echo and the Bunnymen and the Psychedelic Furs (Pretty in Pink) too? Very cool. Don't forget the Violent Femmes as well. I doubt any of you will go, but if you do there is a good chance you'll see me there.
more info

P.S. If anyone is a Muse fan (I am a minor one) I will have a copy of the End Session that Marty, Steve, and I shot that I could show you in a few days. Pretty cool show. We are shooting the Presidents End Session on Monday so we are stoked for that as well. Jon in the Morning on KEXPand the DJ's on the END are all speaking highly of the new President's record.

More Edgar

From the Mariner Web site:

Edgar Martinez Day

Join the Seattle Mariners as we salute the unbelievable career and achievements of Edgar Martinez. Following the game, the Mariners organization, teammates and fans will have the opportunity to honor Edgar in a very special ceremony. More details coming soon.

Dagg has emailed a few times about going so I thought I would open this up to everyone. Who wants to go? Who wants to grab tickets?

Duran Duran is Back!!

Yes, gross I know. But I will be first in line to get tickets. Click here to read the scoop.

Monday, August 09, 2004

Shannon in the Dominican

Good afternoon. I have asked a few of you to contribute in-depth posts concerning life, work, or vacation etc. and Shannon was the first one to kindly respond. I asked her to tell us about life in the Dominican and her adventures in Cabarete. Here we go...
Thanks Shannon! This is very cool!

Okay, TK, here goes: !Hola, todos! Sorry for all the emails I haven't sent. Life here is amazing. I love it! If I weren't in school, I would not be coming back in September, I can guarantee you that.

It's hard to even describe why I don't want to leave - sure there's a beach that I can go to every day, and the weather's awesome, and the island's beautiful. But that's not it. Plus, there are cockroaches all over my little apartment, snakes (not inside, thank god), I have mosquito bites galore, there are really big spiders, tarantulas even, I cannot stand the chick who lives in the apartment adjacent to mine (I actually prefer our third roommate, the giant rat that lives in the rafters). And it's noisy ALL the time - cars and motoconchos honking, loud music everywhere, roosters, dogs, crickets, toads... It's dirty, my clothes are getting ruined at the rate of about a piece per week. (From bleach, from red wine, from the llavanderia's washing machine). But I hardly think about any of that. Let me tell you about the things that I love...

I start my day either at Jessie and Will's restuarant, where I work on the weekend, or at the panadaria, Dick. The food is by far better at Jessie and Will's, but Dick has them beat on the coffee. After breakfast I study Spanish a bit and sometimes wander in to the Internet cafe. Two days a week I have a private Spanish lesson. Around noon or so it's time to head to the beach for a kitesurfing lesson if the wind is good. My kite insturctor is a girl, totally beautiful, that calls herself Coco Angel. For real. She even has a website, Coco-angel.com. (It is not a porn site.) Or maybe, instead of kiting, I'll take a bikeride with Open-shirt Mike, who some of you may know of from Trent's stories as Pumphouse Mike. (By the way, I am still going by Shannon, inspite of the name-changing trend!) Mike knows some of the best spots on the island to bike to, and always takes the beautiful, quiet back roads. There are usually Cuba Libres waiting for us at our destination or somewhere along the way.

On the days that I have to work up at Blue Moon (usually 3-4 a week), I catch a guagua or a carro publico from Cabarete to Sabaneta around 3:30. This costs 25cents and involves being squished into a moving vehicle with a lot of other hot, sweaty, dirty people. In Sabaneta, the next town up the coast (about 15 mintues, depending on how many stops we make) I get out and catch a motoconcho to Blue Moon, which is inland about 15 minutes, up in the hills. It is a beautiful ride.

Other days I hang on the beach into the evening. I wander back to Smittzerland around dusk, and sometimes sit with my neighbor Ines and have coffee with her on her porch. We speak in Spanish, and sometimes I help her with her English homework (she is studying English with the same teacher that teaches me spanish). I go home, shower and then figure out where to eat dinner. Our favorite places are: Fat Chicken, El Tigre, and Restaurante Chino (LiLi's). All of them are cheap, around $4.50 for a good dinner and drinks. After dinner, if I'm up for more, I will head to the beach to party. There are so many people in Cabarete, and most everyone is young and either on vacation or on permanent vacation. Okay, I don't want to be indoors any more!! I will write again soon!
xxoxoxoxoo, Shannon

We will post a couple of pics soon. Feel free to post comments for Shannon on the blog site as I know she has access to it. I am hoping next to hear about a day in the life of a fire fighter and the ins and outs of being a race horse trainer/owner. I will post soon!
Also, did Shannon really say she rides a motoconcho? She is a changed woman! We will call her 'Miss Adventure' from now on.


Some of you might remember the most important at bat in Mariners History (you should remember where you were as well. For me it was at Black Angus in B'ham. I was a cook screaming and shouting with dishwashers, bartenders, hostesses, waiters, and drunk patrons, all of us in the bar, watching one of the greatest playoff moments ever).

Deciding game Five, 1995 ALDS, against the Yankees. Down 5-4 in the bottom of the 11th (Randy Johnson had come on for the M's in the 9th (on one day of rest), and pitched great, but relinquished the lead in the top of the 11th), Edgar up to bat. Griffey on first. Cora the crier on third. Black Jack McDowell on the mound. Edgar hits a laser to the left field corner. Cora scores. Griffey rounds second (doesn't even look like he is touching the ground as he runs, he flies past third (remember how fast he was on that one play? Nobody scores from first on a double to the left field corner, especially with the outfield back protecting against just that). Junior slides into home safe, the M's are going to the ALCS!!! Just amazing.

Anyway, the word is that Edgar has played his last game, and I think it would be great if we all tried to remember exactly what made Edgar the Mariner's greatest player. I do think he actually bleeds blue.

Update: Great Edgar tribute piece
Edgar's Stats Look at those OPS numbers from 1995-2001.

It's a Peaches Party!!!

Weird 24 hours

So the 24 hours after Chris and Jolee's house was very strange for Jeremy, Carrie, Rachelle, and Trent. I would like to recap what seemed like an endless amount of bad luck.

1. After leaving the elder Downing's house the lady at the Gaslamp said she would only stay open until 12:45 no matter how much money we paid her.
2. After having way too many Tequila drinks, Rachelle yells at Carrie for disrespecting her during a dart game.
3. At Chris and Jolees Chris received the ' naked remote' treatment' from Scott. This wasn't bad luck, just funny. Jolee seeks new non-gay husband.
4. On the way to Jeremy and Carrie's we have to pull over so Rachelle can puke at Squawk Mountain Nursery. Plant's die.
5. Jeremy spills a full can of beans on his carpet during late night food party.
6. Boone barks for two hours starting at 8:00 a.m.
7. Rachelle wakes up and continues to puke.
7a. Jeremy has really bad gas.
8. There is no more food to have breakfast.
9. JP, Trent, and Carrie leave to go to lake. Rachelle stays in bed. Trent's car won't start at Gaslamp.
10. At Subway the pop machine is out of syrup and we all have soda water with subs.
11. Trent's car still won't start. Time to get Janean's truck.
11a. Trent' cell phone dies.
12. At Janean's house truck won't start.
13. Truck finally starts.
14. Rachelle is still puking.
15. Jeremy runs over his own wakeboards at his parent's house.
15a. Jeremy still has GAS
16. Boat doesn't start for 15 minutes at lake.
17. Boat starts.
18. Rachelle wakes up and wants to go to lake. She says she will call us at Vasa. Rachelle's cell phone fails. She calls Amy from pay phone and has Amy call Carrie's phone so we can get her. Evidentally Rachelle knows only two phone numbers on the top of her head.
18a. There is a Vasa Park shore nazi who hassles Rachelle about meeting up wtih us. Shore nazi doesnt't realize we borrowed new boat from Shylo's dad. This boat rocks.
19. At Shylo's house Jeremy's boat slides off the boat lift into Shylo's step dad's brand new $60,000 wake board boat and causes damage to the back end of the new boat and none to Jeremy's boat. Carrie estimates the damage at thousands.
20. Due to boat problems, Jeremy is late to pick up his dad at Vasa Park. Joel takes Jeremy out of will.
21. Jeremy and his dad can't get boat onto trailer because Joel doesn't do it right.
22. Trent's mom gets his car to start at the Gaslamp so Rachelle and Trent have to drive back to Janean's to drop off her truck.
23. Jeremy still has GAS.
24. Night ends at Cucina in Bellevue where they are short staffed and the food takes 45 minutes to get to the table. We pound Grande beers and yes, Jeremy still has gas.



You be the judge. Could be Wonderbra?

Sunday, August 08, 2004

If you can't get a user name do this...

If you are having trouble it could be hotmail. For some reason linking to the site from hotmail won't let certain users create an account. The best solution I found was to take a couple minutes to create a yahoo account and then use the yahoo account to access the blog account to create yourself a user name for the blog.

Once you are established in the blog you can access it in the future from hotmail and log in without any problems. Hopefully this helps some of you.

Saturday, August 07, 2004

Heckler at Tropicana Field

So I have been watching these awful M's play the D-Rays this weekend and I have been really impressed by the relentlessness of their resident heckler behind hope plate. He picks one guy from each team and lets him have it. In our case Bret Boone is on the receiving end of his blows. Anyway, it's a pretty interesting story. Enjoy.

Hmmm...Ear Wax.

Thursday, August 05, 2004


Time Travel Exists!

Courtesy of Cale Cour.

Two August 13th M's v Yankees tickets

We have two extra seats to the Friday night August 13 game because my mom is going to use our season ticket seats. Buyer must sit with us and have beers.

In case you wanted to copy music from your IPOD to other computers...

This is the program that can help you.

Whiffleball on August 29th

A little birdy told me to tell you to plan on playing a "Back to School" doubleheader on Sunday August 29th at Cabin Fever Park at Phinney Field. Tell you friends.
An evite is in the works. More details in a few days.
This might be the last time we play until next spring.

Sports: Kris Benson's Wife

Anyone picked up on this story? Seems to be causing a buzz. I won't bother explaining...


more of the same: http://www.playermagonline.com/pwomen/annabenson.asp

Anna Benson's website (non-nude) http://www.annabenson.net

Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Shigetoshi Hasegawa

I realize I am probably the only one who still watches every Mariner game, however, I would just like to point out that if Shiggy never pitched again I would have no problem with that.

Three more hits for Ichiro.


It's Rachelle.

Clinton on Letterman last night

Who caught this? I just wanted it on TIVO today and I have to say I was mesmerized. He spoke very candidly about the upcoming election, domestic and foregin policy, John Kerry, President Bush, and of course his book. Great interview. If you TIVO Letterman like I do every night, check it out.
Click here for highlights.

Julie, this is exactly what you were talking about. I wish I could send this TIVO'd program to everyone.

Clinton will be on the Daily Show Monday night. Set your TIVO's.

This is a classic

Courtesy of Hot Shot:
"This will captivate you. The whole premise of this is so funny. The way the kid writes is funny."

I agree. It's unreal.

Sports: USA Basketball

For those of you interested in USA Basketball and wondering what ever happened to the "Dream Team". I just can't believe that we have allowed pros to play for over a decade now, and USA Basketball still can't figure out that teams zone us, therefore we need a few outside shooters. Also, how can we expect a group of young all-stars to come together to play as a team in 3 weeks without having any role players on the team. Remember what happened in the NBA last year? The Detroit Pistons (a team) beat a group of 4 future hall of famers. Why? Because they played as a team. Anyway, I thought the Sports Guy (Page 2, ESPN) wrote a great article about this.

TV: The Wire

The second best show on HBO is starting its long awaited third season on Sept 19th. If you haven't had the chance to get hooked on this killer show - then you can check out (parts of) Season 1 via OnDemand and Season 2 is currently being replayed on Sundays. Each of the first two seasons tell a different story about crime in the Baltimore area and manage to tie it all together in a compelling manner with great characters.

Check it out: http://www.hbo.com/thewire/

From the web site...

The second season of THE WIRE generated wide critical praise. It was named Best Show on Television by Television Week's semi-annual poll of 50 television critics. The New York Times called it, "one of the best shows on television," while Time wrote, "irresistible... [David] Simon is a poet." TV Guide observed, "You won't find anything better all summer." Entertainment Weekly hailed THE WIRE as "[Grade:] A...it's a contender - for one of the year's best series... get hooked now," while the Chicago Tribune proclaimed, "HBO's 'The Wire' is the best show on TV," and the San Francisco Chronicle observed that THE WIRE was "the best show on television, period."

Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Big Music Announcement Today

Big news
Sounds great. However, we are not a swing state so we'd have to get some plane tickets too.
More info
Group question. If you had free tickets to one of these shows, which one would you go to and why. Post in the comments section.

Cool pic


Hide Your 12 year-old Boys

She's back!

Rome on Olerud the Cyborg

Sorry to infiltrate the site with Jim Rome, but, you guys have got to read this take on Olerud. I know I'm a Rome fanatic, but, this is absolutely classic. http://www.jimrome.com/home/article/article_4.html

Olerud A Yankee

Good luck to John. What could be better than a 3 million dollar paycheck, leaving a terrible team, and having a shot at the post season. Olerud will fit in perfectly when he bats 7th or 8th in the lineup, just like he should have done here in Seattle.
ESPN story

Monday, August 02, 2004

Bobby Fischer is Pretty Weird

Not sure if there's any Jim Rome fans out there, but, here's a pretty funny take on the odd life of Bobby Fischer.

Mariner Minor League Prospects

Cool list with comments. For die hards only. Courtesy of U.S.S. Mariner.

Badly Drawn Boy at the Showbox Oct. 8th

One of my top five shows of all time was seeing this guy live. He drinks, smokes, curses, tells jokes, and then sings some great songs. It's a train wreck waiting to happen and highly entertaining. I think Jeremy and Rachelle would concur.
Click here for the Showbox website. The concert will be added to the calendar shortly.

The Crew

More Bucky Baseball

Bucky Jacobson has an OPS% of 1.057. What is OPS? It is a combination of on base % and Slugging %. Basically it shows how complete of an offensive player you are. Can you get on base via a hit or a walk and can you hit for power. Anything above .900 is considered pretty good. 1.00 and above is very good. To put his numbers in perspective, Barry Bonds OPS is 1.354. Gay-Rod's OPS with the Yankees is .908. Anyway, not too shabby for Bucky. His stats translate to a monster offensive year with an awesome amount of strikeouts too. Mike Cameron strikeout numbers to be more specific. That being said, not bad for a career minor leaguer.
Bucky's stats are here.

The Beta Band is Breaking Up

Check out the story here from Billboard. Wow. Obviously this is a very Cabin Fever friendly band and many good times have been had at the shows with all of you. A great mellow vibe.

Luckily they will be in town one more time at Bumbershoot. Damn shame really. More thoughts on this later.

More info on the bands website.

Update: No US Tour. Lame.

Movie:Open Water opens Friday

Open water opens in Seattle this Friday. It has been making the festival rounds this year and is supposed to be very scary. You like movies about people deserted in the middle of the ocean with sharks swimming around them? Me too. Sounds fun.


For a cool interview with the film makers click here.

Sunday, August 01, 2004

Jack In The Box Circus Experience

Okay, so the strangest thing just happened. (This is Rachelle.) We went to Jack in the Crack to get a shake. We walk in and in front of us are what look like two Native American women ordering some grub. They had their backs to us. One was dressed in a black, sparkly dress with black, sparkly tights and low cut boots. The other was dressed all in black with low cut boots. After ordering, the one in the sparkly dress started rummaging through a purse to find money to pay. (No wallet, just money in a skinny purse.) I only saw her hands and said to Trent that it was a man. He didn't hear and I was a little buzzed from the couple of drinks I had with dinner so I stepped behind him and muttered in his ear, "That is a dude." He said, "What? How do you know?". I said, giggling, "That is a man!" He said, 'How do you know?". I said,"Look at his hands. It's a dead give away." And then, the women in the sparkly dressed stepped sideways and it I thought that she was either a cowboy or had had a really long date.
Then she turned to walk to the "pick-up counter" and had a full on goatee with a mustache and a stuffed bra. We are trying to get over ourselves as we step up to the counter and order an oreo shake, but we told the woman we would like it made with chocolate insteade of vanilla. The lady helping us gets this completely confused look and says they don't have chocolate ice cream, they only have chocolate shakes. So we say, "what's the difference? We want that but with oreos." But at the same time I notice that her face looks like she is morbidly obese, but her body isn't. Like her face and neck should belong on someone twice her size. Well, then I turn around so I won't burst out laughing and I see this guy standing behind us with this really long, salt and pepper beard and his mouth is agape and he is wearing a hat that is too big and he looks like he is frozen or ready to pass out at any point. Or if you startled him he'd fall face first. So, I start giggling and the fat face lady thinks I'm laughing about the cross dresser who is trying so hard to be feminine. And says, she is trying so hard not to smile. The whole time, I am thinking that somebody just let the circus out and we were getting a free show or it is a very queer twilight zone episde. So, any way, we get our shake and walk out and as it turns out...we only got a chocolate ice cream shake. No oreo and no chocolate goo. Maybe you had to be a couple deep to appreciate this story, but it was definitely a strange experience. (Moral: Beware of fast food restaurants on Hwy 99!)

Music: Amulance LTD

Ambulance LTD was on Letterman last week and they will be at the Croc next Sunday. I have been listening to their CD in the IPOD almost non-stop for a month now. Check it out. Thanks Marty for the tip. Primitive is a great song and a free download to boot.

TV: Entourage

I watched the third episode of Entourage tonight. The show is getting better. I was a bit concerned after a lackluster first episode and I was ready to give up on it. Glad I stayed on board though. Jeremy Piven is perfect for playing an asshole agent. Thank god for TIVO too, much like Arrested Development I need to rewind three or four times an episode to catch all of the good lines. Speaking of Arrested Development, the rerun where Tobias's "never nude" fetish is divulged was on tonight. Also very funny. I can't wait for the new season.

Bucky Power

Anyone watch today's M's game? Bucky had a couple of great at bats, one of which ended up with an opposite field jack off of Bartolo Colon. Granted, Colon shares the leaugue lead in HR's given up (with Himey Moy-yeah), but Bucky showed patience in laying off a few close breaking balls. I love Edgar Martinez, but can I please just see Bucky everyday from now on? He is averaging a home run every 10 at bats or so and CAN hit a breaking ball. He is our DH of the future and all of this experience wil help for next year. Also, it was nice to see Jose Lopez get his first hit. He is only twenty years old so we need to be patient, but good things are expected.