Thursday, October 27, 2005

And to top it all off, her girlfriend is cute too.

Good for her...

The Colbert Report

I have seen every episode so far and I think it will stick around. As someone who occassionally indulges in viewing the very shows Colbert is satirizing, I can easily say he has hit the mark. However, I think it's an uncomfortable half hour much like the oringal Office was and Curb Your Enthusiasm still is. The humor is cringe inducing but nonetheless funny. Your thoughts America?

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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Falling Into Fall 6 Song List

Here is the song list. You can import the CD into your IPOD and just copy and paste the list below to your playlist.

Half Acre Day Action Figures Fault
Death Cab For Cutie Your Heart Is An Empty Room
Doves Some Cities
Franz Ferdinand Walk Away
Audioslave Doesn't Remind Me
Tea For Julie Still Life
BRMC Aint No Easy Way
Spoon I Summon You
Oasis Lyla
The Go! Team Ladyflash
Gorillaz Dare
Brian Jonestown Massacre Never Become Emotionally Attached
Clap Your Hands Say Yeah Over and Over Again
Fruit Bats Lives of Crime
Arcade Fire Cold Wind
My Morning Jacket Gideon
Grandaddy Pull the Curtains
Bees One Glass of Water
The Strokes Juicebox
The 88 Hide Another Mistake
Coldplay Kingdom Come
The White Stripes I'm Lonely (But I Aint That Lonely Yet)

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Plant and PJ

Considering PJ and Zeppelin are my favorite acts of all-time (along with the Beatles of course) this would have been the coolest thing ever. Check out the second encore!!!
Given to Fly, which is a rip off of Going to California followed by Going to California. Also, Zeppelin never played Fool in the Rain Live. Ever.

Set list: Love Boat Captain, Grievance, Do The Evolution, Even Flow, Dissident, Small Town, Corduroy, Green Disease, Daughter, 1/2 Full, I Am Mine, Better Man, Black, Alive, Save You, Porch

1st encore: Man of the Hour, Hard to Imagine, I Got Shit, Rearviewmirror

2nd encore: Given To Fly, Going To California (by Led Zeppelin) w/ Robert Plant and Strange Sensation, Little Sister w/ Robert Plant, Money That's What I want w/ Robert Plant, Fool In The Rain (by Led Zeppelin) w/ Robert Plant, Thank You (by Led Zeppelin) w/ Robert Plant

3rd encore: Rockin' in the Free World

From Playboy back in the day:

PB: Over the years, which band is most guilty of being a Zeppelin soundalike?
RP: Blimey. I'd probably say the Beastie Boys.
PB: Seriously
?RP: Well, that's how they got started, isn't it?
PB: You mean sampling Zeppelin riffs?
RP: Yeah, but I don't think they could get all the high notes.
PB: Have you ever heard a truly great Zeppelin cover?
RP: Well, you can't say Dolly Parton [who recently covered Stairway to Heaven], can you? No, I don't think I have. Isn't that sad after 30 fucking years?
PB: Sure is. Now it's time to play "Name That Tune." I'll play a song that "borrows" from Zeppelin and you have tell me which song it borrows from.
RP: That's quite imaginative, isn't it? That's a demo of a very early version of Kashmir [from Physical Graffiti]. Who did that?
PB: Creed.
RP: Oh, Christ. How old is that track then?PB: It came out last year.
RP: What's it called?
PB: My Sacrifice.
RP: [Writing down the name of the artist and song] Fucking hell. How original can you get? All right, so you've been caught, boys.They all sing like the guy out of, um....
PB: Pearl Jam. Eddie Vedder.
RP: Yeah.PB: Here's another.RP: All My Love [from In Through the Out Door] mixed with That's the Way [from Led Zeppelin III].
PB: This was a Grammy Award-nominated song by Wyclef Jean called Gone Till November.
RP: [Writing down the name of the artist and song] Christ. I can go skiing in the winter.PB: We're relatively sure you've heard this one.
RP: I saw Eddie Vedder in Oslo the night before that really unfortunate accident in Roskilde [the June 30, 2001 Pearl Jam show when nine fans were crushed to death], and we share the agent, not carnally, but literally, in Europe, and so I went backstage and was introduced to him. Nice guy, nice band, good people. I said, "How's that song doing that we wrote?" He said, "Ah, it's coming along fine." So I stood at the lighting desk and I was enjoying the show and he got to that song and he said, "Here's a song that we wrote for a guy out there somewhere in the dark." It's very close [to Going to California from Led Zeppelin IV], isn't it?
PB: Here's a curveball.
PB: When you first heard it, what'd you think?
RP: Well, it had to be sent to me, hysterically, for my approval afterwards. It's like that TV ad. It works.
PB: So you don't mind it?RP: I don't care. No, because it works. The riff is great. It's Jimmy's riff. It put Jimmy in a different place, which is exactly what I do with Strange Sensation [his touring band]. I think it's what music is all about. So much energy and creatively over the years and I don't give a hoot which way it works, so long as when it's working we all know what the game is. And if people sample stuff, that's fine, provided that they own up.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005