Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Best thing on SNL all year!

Watch it and then watch it again...
Dropping Hamiltons...

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

This will be down shortly

This is just a test. It seems Blogger has added their own photo upload program so I don't have to use Flickr or Hello anymore.
Google also has a program I can use to upload videos as well. You can check it out here.

Top Fifty Albums From Rolling Stone

Lots of familiar names here...

Monday, December 19, 2005

View from our room at the Fairmount Hotel

View from our room at the Fairmount Hotel
Originally uploaded by gonate23.

This is a view of the Blackcomb Base Area from our hotel room at about 4:00 PM. The photo is actually four pictures merged together in Photoshop.

The Mitchells in Whistler

The Mitchells in Whistler
Originally uploaded by gonate23.

We went for a nice hike/walk around Lost Lake today. Right as we were leaving on our journey it started snowing really hard. We ran into a nice couple (they weren't hurt luckily) who offered to take our picture. I immediately ask myself, is this my beautiful wife? Where is my beautiful house? Why am I wearing such a large suit?

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Monday, December 12, 2005

Top Five of 2005

Greetings music fans. Once again in honor of one of my favorite movies it's time for the 2005 Top Five Albums of the Year. What movie you say? Why High Fidelity of course with John Cusack and Jack Black. Perhaps you have seen it? If not, rent it today.

Anyway, what a great year for the tunes. Real-rock continued to prevail and goatee-metal-date-rape rap has seemed to disappear for good. (In other words, Fred Durts must be crying in agreeance).
On a personal note, I was able to see some fantastic concerts at a few local venues. My Morning Jacket was the stand out show at the Showbox and Wilco was amazing at the Paramount. Also, Pearl Jam dragged us all out to the Gorge and rocked like it was 1993 again. I can only wish I could see all the weeknight shows that come through town, but alas, I am a tired teacher M-F and 11:00 PM starting times just don't work for me.

So I guess it's time for the Top Five. Perhaps you need a little assistance compiling your list?
KEXP has a nice drop down list that alphabetically lists this year albums. Browsing through that list and/or looking at your ITunes list organized by the year released might help as well.

My Top Five

1. Black Rebel Motorcycle Club-Howl
Out of all the CD's I bought this year, this is the one I listened to the most. I would have never thought BRMC would succeed at doing a bluesy acoustic album filled with slide guitar and harmonica, but it works on every song. I'm listening to Aint No Easy Way as I am typing this and it must be the 50th time I have heard it and I am not even close to sick of it.

2. My Morning Jacket-Z
At first I was shocked to hear people compare this to OK Computer (my favorite non-Beatles album of all time), however after more and more listens I can see the comparison to hold water. The Layers of guitar and reverbed/echoed voice are very similiar.It Beats For You is the Paranoid Android of Z. This record will stay on my IPOD Shuffle for many more months.

3. Band of Bees (also called "Bees")-Free the Bees
I've already said this before, but it's kind of like Beta Band meets up with early the Kinks early Pink Floyd at a psychedelic jam session. The music sounds familiar and yet fresh at the same time.

4. The Go! Team-Thunder, Lighting, Strike
It's hard to explain this to anyone and have it make any sense, but here goes. Pretend your at a club watching a band that has Linus from the Peanuts on piano, a DJ programming beats and samples from 70's cop shows and cartoons, a drummer that specializes in snazzy jazz riffs, the Blues Brothers horn section, and a crew of school yard jump rope girls belting and chanting rhymes. Can you visualize that? Now imagine how it sounds. Still not working for you? All I can say is give it a shot, it's worth your $12.

5. The White Stripes-Get Behind Me Satan
This is their Led Zeppelin III. An album that showcases the piano and acoustic guitar much more so than anything electric. Still, while the album doesn't full on ROCK like their previous three, Jack White is still my hero for writing simple and fascinating songs. "If you think that a kiss is all in the lips, then you've got it all wrong man. And If you think that our dance was all in the hips, oh well, then do the twist."

Song of the Year:
LCD Soundsystem-Daft Punk is Playing at My House

Best NW Album:
Tea For Julie-Division

So what do you think? What is your Top Five?

Click on Comments, login as anonymous, type your Top Five and hit return.

P.S. I took HAD off my lists due to my obvious bias.

Sunday, December 11, 2005

The Matador is supposed to be Fantastic

Click here to watch the trailer in the format of your choice.

The new Hosts of "The View". Today's topic: babies.

Did we mention the party included belly dancers?

She only charged us $5 per picture.

We ran into Jen randomly at Courtney's 30th B-Day party.

Our crazy night started with tracers at the Columbia Tower Club. Barb is telling a dirty joke and Heidi's husband Brian is negotiating a deal with Archives.

Sunday, December 04, 2005

A well thought out opinion piece

Our former police chief presents some very compelling arguements for legalization of drugs.

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Great Web Site to Check out Snow Conditions

All the info is fairly local, but even some Oregon and BC ski areas are included. Great site if you are only going to ride based on primo conditions.
What an amazing season so far!!!

Shins+Pot=New record

We had initially planned on taking some pics and videos of the powder runs, however, we did not want to stop once we were cruising. We ended the day hiking behind Green Valley right next to the backcountry and riding all the way down.

Crystal was huge today. 10-20 inches of fresh powder in spots. Green Valley was great all day and Campbell Basin stayed fresh until about noon. Lift lines were very quik too.

Cool article about Truly

Mark was in LOVE with Rachelle. But how could a rock star and record store owner compete with a rock star-wannabe teacher? He didn't have a chance. But Rachelle did keep his mix tapes.

(this post might last only until Rachelle gets home from work)

Thursday, December 01, 2005