Thursday, June 30, 2005

Wednesday, June 29, 2005


Hey everyone! Happy summer. I was having technical difficulties with the blogger but now I am back. So as a test I will shamelessly plug our d9 dance website:)

For the record I too am SICK of Tom Cruise. Off topic, we saw Crash and I really LOVED it. It is time we continued the race relations discussion and admit there is still an issue.

We are currently in the middle of the documentary, "Story of the Weeping Camel"....takes place in Mongolia and I am fascinated. It was one of the nominees....

Over & out...

M's Tickets

We are looking for 2 extra tickets to the Sept. 10th game for Julie's sister and are looking for interested parties for our 2 tickets on August 13th. A trade would be just fantizzle, but anything will work. Any interest out there?


I know my posts are mostly the Sport's Guy, but he's the only guy I read religiously. It's pretty hilarious and totally cracks on Jay Bilas, one of my least favorite basketball commentators. How many times can you say that a guy has "tremendous upside potential" and is "long" or has a 7'3" wingspan. And the cracks on Stu Scott are epic.

Finally Something We Agree On

BERLIN (Reuters) - Hollywood actor Tom Cruise not only battles creatures from outer space in his latest film "War of the Worlds," he also believes aliens really exist, he told a German newspaper on Wednesday.
Asked in an interview with the tabloid daily Bild if he believed in aliens, Cruise said: "Yes, of course. Are you really so arrogant as to believe we are alone in this universe?"
"Millions of stars, and we're supposed to be the only living creatures? No, there are many things out there, we just don't know," Cruise, 42, said in the interview published in German.
Cruise's film "War of the Worlds" is based on British writer H.G. Wells' 1898 story of the invasion of Earth by Martians.

When asked to explain his recent strange behavior, Cruise admitted he was recently abducted aliens who probed him anally for three days straight. They only wanted to probe him for an hour of course, but he enjoyed it so much he asked for more!
Why did he ask for more? He had done the research of course.

In other Cruise news:
Tom Cruise has been further criticised for slamming the consumption of drugs used to treat depression during a recent TV interview - by the American Psychiatric Association (APA). The mental health organization has accused the War Of The Worlds star of behaving irresponsibly for labeling anti-depressant drugs a "pseudo science" during a chat with American TV newsman Matt Lauer on the Today show last week. In a statement, the APA says: "It was irresponsible for Mr. Cruise to use his movie publicity tour to promote his own ideological views... (and) deter people with mental illness from getting the help they need. Rigorous, published, peer-reviewed research clearly demonstrates that treatment (of mental illness) works. It is unfortunate that in the face of this remarkable scientific and clinical progress that a small number of individuals and groups persist in questioning its legitimacy." Cruise has also recently blasted actress Brooke Shields for using anti-depressants.

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

So Far So Good

Looks like I'll be seeing this one in the next couple days in spite of Tom Cruise.
92% is pretty good so far...

Movies are fun

Monday, June 27, 2005

Non-burnable CD"s

As popular as the IPOD has become, I think this will divide instead of unite the music listening community.

Saturday, June 25, 2005

Tom Cruise

Anyone else sick of Tom Cruise and Scientology yet? Me too. Keep your religion to yourself please. If it wasn't for Ritalin I think a majority of my students wouldn't be able to sit still for more than two seconds!


This video is pretty good though. He handles himself very well for a brainwashed lad. Almost too good if you ask me. Almost as if he is being controlled...hmm.

"You musn't show it to the Laker girls"
"I mustn't show it to the Laker girls"

Name the movie. It makes fun of Scientology quite effectively.

Friday, June 24, 2005

War! Huh! (good God ya'll)

People in this country are actually getting smarter. Amazing. I guess after the Downing memo proved Bush wanted to go to war with IRAQ and THEN create a reason the public would buy into it has finally hit home with some folk.
Is Bush a scapegoat for the IRAQ wars continued failure? Nope he is the reason for its continued failure. No Bush in office would mean no war in Iraq. Pretty simple really.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

My favorite all-time album named number onefrom the last 20 years

This is a great article in Spin. There were a few that were listed way too low (Automatic For the People and ten etc.),but overall a great reminder of some great albums.

Sunday, June 19, 2005

We are all gay (especially T's mom)

MP3 Site

From what I understand, this is a real and legitimate Russian music downloading site. You can, however, view the site in English. My buddy downloaded ten albums for about $10.

Update: This site works. I downloaded 7 albums for 15 bucks yesterday. Tons of music!

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

30 Days

Tonight is the premiere of Morgan Spurlock's new show called 30 Days. He's the guy who did Super Size Me. The show got good reviews. The series is only 6 episodes and each episode is about what happens to people when they are put in certain situations for 30 days.
The first episode tonight is about him and his fiance living on minimum wage for 30 days. Other episodes include a red neck living with a large Muslim family for 30 days or the effects on a thirty something guy's body who tries to reverse the aging process.

If you liked Super Size Me, you'll probably like this show. Its on FX at 10PM

Monday, June 13, 2005

Something to think about

OJ was found innocent too.

Entourage is Now My favorite Show

When I was watching this with Dagg and Brandi last week we all said "this should be an hour long". Rachelle and I said the same thing last night. We are always so disappointed when it's over...but I guess they are supposed to leave you wanting more.

From EW

'Entourage'': Eric straightens out his personal life, while Ari and Jaime Pressly show the bad side of Hollywood as only pay cable can by Charles Curtis

Did I say sophomore slump last week? Waaaaay off. After watching the credits roll at the end of last night's episode, I've decided to join some of my fellow viewers in asking ? nay, demanding ? that HBO give this show the hour it deserves. Entourage has been packing a whole lot into just 26 minutes, but imagine the possibilities. Then again, you can't argue with the formula of a show that starts an episode with a fast car and ends it with ''Vegas, baby.''

What could be better? How about the triumphant return of the real Ari Gold? It took an episode to polish off the rust, but better late than never. Starting with the Lakers game, where Ari's Jack Nicholson-esque barking got the ball rolling, the superagent seemed to recover from whatever was ailing him in the first episode. He stopped sounding desperate and started rolling with Vince's punches. And of course, he had the line of the show, explaining at the Lakers postgame party that he couldn't attend Jaime Pressly's soiree since it conflicted with . . . a certain celebratory night at the Gold household. But that moment became even more hilarious later when Eric confronted Ari about the agent's statement that everyone in Hollywood is unfaithful, asking him if it applied to his wife. The very same woman he had loudly joked about ''punishing'' suddenly became ''the mother of my kids.'' Yes, Ari! You don't have to put up with E's insolence. A little tough love will show these rookies that you're their only hope of maintaining the flow of cars, starlets, and mansions.

But the MVP of this episode is little Eric, who is all grown up now. When you're the Scoutmaster surrounded by a bunch of Cubs who aren't exactly what one might call responsible, it must be disconcerting when their rampant suspicions about an unfaithful girlfriend are actually correct. Now, raise your hand if you did a Tiger Woods fist pump when E stuck it to Kristen. Yes, yes, I know ? two wrongs don't make a TV relationship right. Eric's little hotel tryst with Perfect 10 model Liana might make him the last character on the show to earn the adjective ''sleazy,'' but you knew it was only a matter of time before he got rid of the lyin', whinin', cheatin' Kristen. As Turtle put it so nicely, ''The three of us can't stand her.'' If I haven't made it obvious enough in both last week's and this week's TV Watch, make that four. (Sadly, this probably isn't the last we've seen of the girl who cried food poisoning.)

While Vince's best friend and new manager received a free Maserati and a few phone numbers to restore his swagger, Vince's brother couldn't catch a break. Johnny Drama's obsession with his skinny calves was worthy of eye rolling, but the look on his face right before the director asked him to strip was priceless. You could only wish that Turtle was around as a witness to needle him about it for the rest of the episode, instead of only one throwaway joke comparing Johnny's legs to those of the Dallas Mavericks' lanky 7-foot-6-inch center, Shawn Bradley.

Guest star Jaime Pressly also deserves an entire paragraph. Why? Unlike Lakers' forward Lamar Odom, who pulled a Peet by stopping by for a total of 12 seconds of airtime, Pressly was the engine that ran this episode. My first thought was that the producers could have snagged someone who hadn't made her last big headlines with a prime-time make-out session with Tiffani Thiessen on Fastlane, but Pressly held her own, providing both some heat for Vince and a pretext for the gratuitous nudity that reminded us that, yes, this is HBO, where F-bombs and stripping are always on hand to show us just how wild Hollywood really is. Between the shirt that came off on the bed at the Peninsula Hotel and those shed on Jaime's beach, we get the idea.

And on an extreme side note: Did anyone else notice that Debi Mazar has made her way into the show's opening credits this season? Though she went AWOL from this episode, that must mean we're going to get a major dose of Shauna soon. Adding the foul-mouthed, icy publicist to an already volatile mix can only make things better. Maybe she'll have an intra-cast affair with Ari and help persuade their star in the making to do Aquaman. Too Friends for you? Thought so.

Saturday, June 11, 2005


You know it's kind of funny how stuff works in cycles like this. I remember in 1999 when I started jamming with T, Scott, and Marshal and Marshal was like "Bring over same Rainier". At the time all I drank were expensive beers and/or micro brews so I thought it was a bit strange or even cheap to grab a Rainer. After all, I wasn't a poor college student anymore. However, I instantly enjoyed drinking the Rainier and so the tradition of drinking the cheap stuff during band practice was born. It wasn't until I came back from Cabarate that I finally made the switch to light/cheap beers for good. (My dad had already beat me to it by supplementing his Coors Light with an occassional Keystone Light. "Hey, it's just Coors Light in a cheaper can" he would say. "Mom can save a ton at Costco". It was always fantastic when my mom would go to Costco to get milk, eggs, bread, and TEN CASES OF BEER!!!)

Anyway, so now evidentally it's "trendy" to drink the PBR and Rainier etc. As someone who gets gets nervous when pop-culture catches up to him (see Modest Mouse, Puma, weed, Paul's Boutique,Interpol and 70's attire) I now announce my switch to OLYMPIA beer whenever I can find it.

Having beer is great, but having a choice of beers is wonderful.

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Great White Stripes Article

What a great record. It's all over the place and yet still accessible. The thing I find hard to believe is that it's just these two and that Jack White produces the records himself. No studio trickery or session musicians.

I have been listening to the new Coldplay as well and as we guessed, it's basically A Rush of Blood to the Head 2. That's not a bad thing per se, but there is nothing new here and most of the songs will remind you of other songs. However, I am sure I will still listen to it quite frequently during my mellow moments. I still hold a belief that Coldplay could eventually be the next U2...or at least as good as the Doves.

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Best Buy with your integrated IPOD solutions

Yes, you CAN get an IPOD in your car for a cheap price. Yes, it CAN be controlled on the stereo face.

Tuesday, June 07, 2005


Pretty crazy that they post this on the front page of MSN...
Here is a link to Shakira's new music video - called "La Tortura"


New Music

New White Stripes and Coldplay CD's arrive in stores today. The White Stripes album is supposed be fantastic. Basically Rolling Stone calls them the best band on the planet. Check out the other reviews at Yes, the album is called "Get Behind Me Satan". Kind of funny, but Rachelle tells me the say thing! Bu-dum-dum!

The Coldplay record is getting average reviews at best, but I am sure it's good if you are a big fan. I'll know more after I get both at Best Buy for $9.99 each.

Sunday, June 05, 2005

The Official Cabin Fever Collage is Here! I will send everyone a JPEG copy in their GMAIL and I will also put it on Shutterfly fot those of you that would like a copy.

Cool Phone Call

8:00 am Sunday morning

The phone rings and my sister is breathing really hard telling me she is on mile 6 of her Rock-N-Roll Marathon in San Diego. Pete is one mile ahead of her and she says the adrenaline rush from all of the other competitors and the crowd is un-real. Evidentally there are tons of cheerleaders along the whole way and they keep chanting "Go Shelby" because her name is written on her arm.
She called me from Uncle's phone that is clipped to her side. Pretty cool, eh? I have never been so proud of my sister!

On a side note I am disappointed in my uncle because he only liked the last half hour of the new Star Wars movie. I believe it's much better than that of course.

Friday, June 03, 2005

Our Government Sith

So I have been reading the Internet as I do and I noticed something pretty funny. On different web sites the current Republican Government is now being called "The Sith Government" in reference to the Star Wars evil doers. If you haven't seen the movie, there are many subtle and some not-so subtle references towards out current state of affairs and present leaders in Washington. Depending on how you look at it, Lucas is saying that Chancellor (Emperor) Palpatine's quest for power and never ending war is very similar to George W. Bush putting the Patriot Act into play and creating his own war etc.
At one point Anakin even says "If your not with me, then you are against me" or something very similar.

Anyway, just thought it was funny we now have a Sith government.

Paul Shirley- The 12th Man on the Suns

Great blog site. I have the same overheating problem so I feel his pain.

Thursday, June 02, 2005