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A LOST Desmond Timeline courtesy of AICN.,,20181162,00.html

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A Lost recap on EW.

Desmond David Hume - A Timeline...

by micturatingbenjamin
Feb 28th, 2008
10:24:46 PM
Here's his timeline...I'll denote when the Desmond is (F)uture Desmond/2004 to the past, (U)naffected/Unknown Affect Desmond, and (P)ast Desmond/1990s to the future.

Timeline -

1989 - Desmond begins dating Ruth (U) ("Catch-22")

1995 - A week before marrying Ruth, Desmond gets drunk and is found by Brother Campbell. Desmond joins the monastery, and is expelled...meets Penelope Widmore. (U) ("Catch-22") (Note: Brother Campbell has a photo of himself with Mrs. Hawking)

1996 - Desmond asks Charles Widmore to marry Penelope, who refuses. He meets Charlie playing on a street corner, and decides to break up with Penny. (U)

- Desmond returns to 1996 because of the implosion, and decides to change the past, but ultimately, Penelope throws the ring into the Thames. (F) ("It Flashes Before Your Eyes")

- Desmond interacts with Daniel Faraday at Queens College Oxford, becoming Faraday's constant. ("The Constant")(P)

- Desmond tells Penny to expect a call on Christmas Eve 2004, and gets her number to cement Penny as Desmond's constant. (P) ("The Constant")

1996 (circa) - 1999 - Desmond completes his prison sentence and is discharged from the military. Charles Widmore immediately attempts to bribe Desmond to 'run away and forget Penny'. (U) ("Live Together, Die Alone")

2001 - Desmond meets Libby at a coffee shop, shortly after arriving in the US, Los Angeles. She loans him her boat to enter a one man race around the world. (U) ("Live Together, Die Alone")

- Penelope tracks Desmond down to the stadium where he and Jack meet for the first time, and confronts him. (U) ("Live Together, Die Alone")

- Desmond begins the boat race in Libby's boat. (U) ("Live Together, Die Alone")

- Desmond arrives on the island and begins to push the button (U) ("Live Together, Die Alone")

2004 - After accidentally killing Kelvin, Desmond causes the system failure that brings the plane to the island (U) ("Live Together, Die Alone")

During the period between the crash and November 1st, 2004 Desmond is assumed to be sitting in the magnetic anomaly, pushing the button.

The rest of the Des eps should be taken as read.

Who knew Garfield was funnier without Garfield?


Anti-Hillary Headquarters!

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Mike Huckabee makes me giggle on SNL.

Sasquatch Lineup Announced

R.E.M., Modest Mouse, The Cure, Death Cab for Cutie, The Flaming Lips, Michael Franti and Spearhead, MIA, Built to Spill, The Presidents of the United States of America, Tegan and Sara, Flight of the Conchords, The Blakes, The Hives, The Cops, Cold War Kids

Episode 1Link

Click here for the full info!

Jimmy Kimmel responds to Sarah Silverman...with Ben Afleck!

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A Detroit, Michigan restaurant now holds the record for world's largest cheeseburger. It weighs a whopping 134 pounds!

Rachelle and I split this for lunch today.

Words do matter!

This article does as good as job as I've seen in explaining Obama's appeal.

A small sample:
"What some of us don't understand is that Obama is not running a campaign; he is rallying a movement. After seven years of what may go down as the worst presidency ever, after the grime of the Clinton-Lewinsky scandal, after dreary years of internecine sniping where ideological purity has routinely trumped national interest, Americans want something else. Something higher.

Whether Obama can deliver that something else is a fair question. But the thing is, he recognizes and responds to the hunger for it. That's the reason Clinton can't lay a glove on him, the reason he's won 10 primaries in a row, the reason he's cracked her coalition and even inspired Republicans to switch parties."

Friday, February 22, 2008

The most intense (but understandable) analysis you will read this year abour Obama v. Clinton.

This is a fantastic read with specifics related to their successes and failures in the Senate. There is a clear winner and obvious choice for President, but you'll have to read it to find out whom he or she is.

Bill O'Reilly doesn't really apologize For Michelle Obama "Lynching" Remark

"While talking to a radio caller, I said there should be no lynching in the case, that comment off Clarence Thomas saying he was the victim of a high tech lynching (he said that on 60 Minutes, you may remember). I'm sorry if my statement offended anybody. That, of course, was not the intention. Context is everything."
He does not say he is sorry for what he said or did, he just is sorry if anyone was offended. In other words, he does admit that what he said was inappropriate or racist.

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A top Ten List of the Best Music Performances on Letterman

10. Andrew Bird -

9. Band Of Horses -

8. Rage Against The Machine -

7. Modest Mouse -

6. The Black Keys -

5. My Morning Jacket -

4. REM -

3. Pearl Jam - (a close 2nd )

2. Beastie Boys - (a close 2nd )

1. Radiohead -

Courtesy of otis mcfluster.

Two Papers, One Photo?


Click here to see both shots for for each paper from separate spots on Alki Beach.

Death Cab For Cutie Will Rock Bremerton!

I am quoted in today's outdoor section of the Seattle Times in regards to the new lift at Crystal.


Mike McQuaide even references Led Zeppelin, so the article has that going for it, which is nice.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Alex Rodriguez actually said something funny!

He praised teammate Andy Pettitte, who was forced to give a deposition and affidavit to Congress in which he admitted using HGH in 2002 and 2004. Pettitte also said Roger Clemens discussed HGH use nearly a decade ago -- Clemens said Pettitte "misremembers."

"Andy is one of the greatest human beings I've ever met," Rodriguez said. "I have two daughters -- well, I have one and one on the way. If I had a daughter, I would want 'em to marry Andy Pettitte. The age difference might be a little awkward, but in today's day and age anything is possible."

Eric is one lucky fellow at the premeire of The Other Boleyn Girl in London.

Click here for a new interview with Eric.

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Lindsey Lohan re-creates Marylin Monroe's last photo shoot.

The photos are very tastefully done, although some are not work safe.


Download the HD Indiana Jones Trailer Here

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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Olbermann is still one of the only people willing to take on Bush/Big Business.

The New Indiana Jones trailer to get you pumped up!

If you are between the ages of 25 and 40, when Dr, Jones puts on his fedora it's okay to have goosebumps. Don't feel weird about it at all.

A New Star Wars Movie?

Yes, in animation form.

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Facts about Pizza. Why post this? Why not?

My favorite fact from the list: Americans eat about 100 acres of pizza every day.
Wow. Pizza grande.
(Meat makes my pizza.)

Does class size make a difference?

The fact that this question even needs to be asked really showcases how little our government knows about teaching.
It's simple: a lower student-to-teacher ratio gives each student more individualized attention from the teacher. A lower ratio also limits distractions and allows kids to remain more focused. A lower ratio also limits classroom management issues and in a class like mine, where equipment is needed, allows kids to work in groups of two-three per camera as opposed to four or five per camera (this is true in other classes like woodshop, metals, foods, and yearbook etc.)
It's a no brainer and I have no idea why anyone can even question the logic. Of course, our state ranks 43rd in teacher salaries, so obviously there is a disconnect in Washington State.

Side note: being a teacher still rules!

Drunk driver shows up for court drunk again

Former prisoner of War John McCain votes to allow the continuation of Waterboarding and other torture techniques.

Sign the petition to help the Superdelegates do the will of the people instead of showing allegiance to other candidates.

Make your voice heard! Urge the Superdelegates to vote with the people.

Here is an article about the controversy in the P.I.
If it seems confusing I'll try to create a detailed post later on that explains the situtation.

Below is a numerical summary. As you can see Obama has twice as many delegates as decided by the voters, but Clinton has almost twice as many Superdelegates.








For the first time, Democrats living abroad had the opportunity to vote in person in a presidential primary.

Thanks to Hilary of B.C. for sending the link for a great article about all the US citizens voting from all over the world.
Super Tuesday abroad

Monday, February 11, 2008

Thanks to Marty for introducing me to this Neutral Milk Hotel record almost nine years ago.

Neutral Milk Hotel's In the Aeroplane Over the Sea, one of my favorite albums of all time, is 10 years old.
Check out the articles and videos.

In The Aeroplane Over The Sea Is A Good AlbumLink

I just read the 33 1/3 book on this album and if it's possible I now appreciate it even more than I ever have. Jeff Magnum, tortured as he may be, should bless us all with some more music.

This 11 year-old is insane!!!

Enlarge this photo
Thanks to long time reader Grant of Arkansas for this one!

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Caucus Day across Washington State

When I woke up this morning I was a little nervous in anticipation for my first political caucus. Why was I nervous? I am not that sure. I spend way too much time watching shows like Meet the Press etc. and I am diligent about reading both local and national papers, so I am not unsure of myself when it comes to talking politics (surprise!). Maybe my nerves centered around questioning how my candidate would do today or questioning how the caucus would play itself out? Maybe I thought I might leave the iron on.

Our caucus location was at the Indian Heritage School just two blocks away. I arrived early as an Obama volunteer to help get precinct signs ready to help other confused people like myself get organized. Earlier in the week Rachelle and I passed out fliers around our area to pump people up for Obama. When given the chance, we also instructed our neighbors on the best ways to play a 1-3-1 zone defense and how best to utilize a team with two good ball handlers.

Jayron Finan, our neighbor and precinct captain, did an outstanding job of delegating duties and keeping people moving. She was going on limited sleep as I believe she's responsible for like 10,000 precincts or something.

Her husband Danny was an excellent grip for Jayron!

It was shocking to watch as the room went from completely empty to over-packed in less than a half hour. The line to get in was around the block and I heard people actually talking about the rumor Van Halen was gonna play. (I knew they wouldn't, but I thought Dylan might do an acoustic set. Maybe next time.)

Two of our precincts had to re-locate to the cafeteria because the auditorium was too crowded. That was pretty cool because then we could make Sloppey Joes and talk politics at the same time.
Once there we split into Obama supporters, Hilary supporters, and uncommitted or other former candidate supporters. The Obama supporters outnumbered everyone else 3-1.

People took turns debating the merits of each candidate to loud applause and one guy kept wanting to get former Edwards and Kucinich supporters together to create an "uncommitted" delegate. His idea didn't fly and really wasted time, but that's Democracy I guess. I actually felt bad in a way for the Clinton people because they were so badly outnumbered, but my impression was that nobody took the political comments personally. The best part about the whole process? It really was a neighborhood thing. All my neighbors had really interesting and intelligent things to say throughout the day and it really did feel people were excited for a better tomorrow (I know that sounds cheesy, but honest to god that is how it felt.) Also, my neighbors really helped keep Kylee in check because she tried to vote three times!

In the end Obama received three delegates and Clinton one. Hopefully that trend holds up throughout the state today!
It's quite an experience being an active member in our political process. There were many first time caucus voters and even first time voters in attendance and it appeared many people were really enthusiastic about the process.
I can't wait for November.

Obama takes Washington

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Political Survey: Have you ever wondered what candidate you would support if you looked at each issue separately and then tallied up the responses?

You might surprise yourself after you click here and take the political survey. Or, like in my case, you won't find any surprise at all.

Thousands pack KeyArena to see Obama


I had over 30 students gone throughout the day from classes because they were watching Obama. Good for them. Rachelle and Kylee didn't get let in it was so crowded. She says she took some good video that I will try to post later.