Thursday, May 31, 2007

Issaquah High School Class of 1992 15-Year Reunion

The video is located here.

I'll post a slide show by Friday. Here are some
pics to tide you over.

Great to see you all on Friday. Please send me pictures ASAP so I can put together a slideshow. Pick your ten or fifteen favorites and send them my way.

Hopefully we will see many of you tonight.
If any of you would like to contribute to my blog, Kicked It In The Sun, please email me links to any interesting, goofy, or off-the-wall stories and I will post them. You can reach me at

Frequently asked questions regarding this weekends reunion.

1. I am unsure if I should attend or not. Perhaps I am not in the mood. What should I do?
This is an easy one. Go outside on the street and look at someone, but point the other way and then call another persons name (just like Coach Warren used to do in English class). Next, tell them you will need them for five-minutes (please) right after class. The random stranger might be confused, but you should smile.

2. What should I wear?
Wear something casual that you made in Ms. Lewis' class freshman year. Styles are cyclical and I am sure whatever you made in 1988 is popular again. Crabs.

3. What else can I bring?
I would recommend a camera. Throughout the evening you can walk around looking red-eyed and telling people they have nice shotssssss, just like Jarv.

4. Is everyone still meeting at 8:00?
Yes, you don't even have to arrive a half-hour early to get a parking spot on 2nd avenue.

5. Can we still bring significant others? What if I have two?
Aren't you lucky. Bring whomever you want. The Key Party starts at 2:00 am.

6. What is the deal with Lake Sammammish on Saturday?
We were not early enough in our request to reserve a picnic spot. However, if everyone brings a folding chair or three and some blankets, there should be plenty of space for everyone. Please meet at 1:00 and park in the first parking lot on the left. Does anyone want to take charge of this portion of the weekend? Please let me know.

7. Is there anything else we should know?
Yes, at 10:00 there will be a 15-minute break (party!) where the smokers can go smoke in the woods by the bus barn and the chewers can huddle around a big garbage can. The non-tobaco addicts can just rejoice and take a break from the stress of drinking beer.

See you Friday night.

Reunion Details

An informal fiesta is in the making. Here are the tentative details so far:

Dates: July 20 and 21, 2007.
A bar night followed by a family day at a park.
Significant others are invited and encouraged to attend.

Place: We will meet at what used to be Sam Malones. The place is now called Malarky's.
You may not remember it from the last time our group met. Here are directions.
Time: 8:00 will be perfect.

On Saturday we will meet at Lake Sammamish around 1:00.

More details will be finalized soon, however, we wanted to make sure everyone had time to put this get together on their busy summer calendar.

Mark Candee is currently trying to update everyone's current email address and other contact info so we can make sure we have a large number of attendees at our 'official' 20-year reunion. We would of course like to inform all classmates of this informal gathering as well. If you are reading this, please contact Mark with the following information:

Graduating Name:

Current Legal Name:

Email Address:

Mailing Address:


All information can be sent to

If possible, please forward this site to anyone from the class of 1992. A link is located on the right hand side that will allow you to click and see any changes as they are made. Hope to see you there!



Brian said...

I figured every 10 years was more then enough! j/k thanks for organizing...

Trent said...

I am not organizing as much as I am letting the word out. I have been in contact with quite a few people who thought it was a good idea. I won't be collecting money and I won't be making name tags!

Scott said...

Everyone knows that Issaquah people have trouble making new friends, so every 5 years is acceptable :) I hope people can make it happen. A bunch of us were talking last week, and we decided that we really should get together for reasons other than a fallen Issy comrade. Spread the word, and see you soon!
Scott Soden

caryn said...

rats. i was hoping to catch the next one. leaving the country on the 20th (just for a couple weeks.) if dates are changed for the earlier side of things, let me know. take care fellas. have fun. caryn cush.

Dr. Sage said...

Should be a lot of fun. I look forward to seeing how you all turned out.

Liz Gehlsen (langlois) said...

It's on my calendar. I am obligated to this one since I chickened out 5 years ago (I was newly knocked up). Hope to see lots of old familiar faces!

sarah said...

Sounds fun. I was surprised to hear of a 15 year reunion.

Kirsten said...

Sounds like fun, I missed the 10 year. But, I am getting married July 21st!

Anonymous said...
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hiker_girl said...

Hmmm....another one of these? j/k. Sounds like fun, I might possibly make it!

deborah hotep (brown) said...

Wish I could be there but I'm down in sunny Tucson! Have fun for me - see you in another 5!

Jeanne said...

Too bad. I was looking for an excuse to come back and visit, but I'm tied up here in Boston that week. Enjoyed seeing all of you at the last one, and I'll catch you in another five!

Keelee Reynolds said...

I would love to come but I have a family vacation planned that weekend see you in 5

Kate said...

15 years already?!?! "What a long strange trip it's been"....Hello to everyone!!!!

Danny said...

Wow, 15 years already. Hope all of you are doing well!

Megan said...

Wow, 15 years already? Now i feel old. Well, i missed the 10 year, and regret it, so i will do my best to make it down, as long as the forests aren't on fire, it should happen. Hope everyone is well and i look forward to seeing y'all!

Trent said...
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Trent said...

We are pleased that many of you can join us. Please keep checking the site to see in anything changes.

Trent Mitchell

Jenine Brannon said...

Great! That is the one weekend I have free in July, so I'll be there.

Jenine Brannon

Anonymous said...

Hope to see lots of people. Should be a good time. Cheryl.

Leigh Wilson said...

I will be sure to bring detention forms and letters of suspension to present to those with receding hairlines and larger clothing sizes. I hope to see many of you there, and to celebrate your successes with you!

Elizabeth (Liz Moen) said...

Sounds like fun! I will be at a family reunion in the great mid-west that week. I'll see you all in another 5 years!

Bill said...

Wow, has it been 15 years? I regret I won't be able to make it, but I'll be there for the 20th.
Billy D

Teresa Kasprowicz (Schommer) said...
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Mr Ballew said...

Sounds like a bunch of hell raising malarkey to me.
Count me in.

Aaron Brown said...

Oh good the 10 year I woke up at 3AM in bed next to Soden and a half gallon of ice cream. I still have nightmares.

I'm hoping to make it, not as easy to make quick trips with the little one but I'll see what I can do.

Trent said...

At 3 am I was downing grilled cheese with Jeremy and a few other folks. Lots of ketchup. Oh yeah, and a chocolate shake.
Denny's never tasted so good.
Sleeping next to Scott with a gallon of ice cream between us would have been my second choice.

Jenny Monahan said...

I missed the ten-year & was hoping to make this one, but we'll be at a family wedding that weekend. Is anyone else currently living in the midwest (Chicago area)? I actually live in northern Indiana, but Chicago is semi-close to us and sounds more exciting. Hope you all have a great time! Jenny (Robinson) Monahan

Amy Eldefonso (Schaefer) said...

Hello all! Can't wait to see everyone! Mr. Wilson, do you have a slip for me? I guess I will have to stay with my mom that weekend. Yeah! School is out for the summer!

P.S. Caryn, I saw your folks a couple years ago at a teacher training down here in Tacoma. Would love to see you! And everyone elso of course.

Monica A Denton said...

Sorry guys, but it doesn't look like I'll make it! Bummer! We are getting ready to move from Montana back to Washington. So while you are kickin' it at Malarkey's I'll be packin' boxes...not fun!

Monica Denton (Krier)

Chrissy McCloskey said...

I just happened across this site but may be able to make it that weekend - sounds like fun!

Chrissy McCloskey (Kvam)

Chrissy McCloskey said...

I just happened across this site but may be able to make it that weekend - sounds like fun!

Chrissy McCloskey (Kvam)

Kristin Skelly aka BRUCE said...

5 works for me!! I will make the name tags! haha ;-)

Kristin Skelly aka BRUCE said...

5 works for me!! I will make the name tags! haha ;-)

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to post on here and say that i have a ghey crush on Tk Mitchell


Nathan said...

Hello, Everyone!

Thanks for looking me up and letting me know about the reunion. I'm horrified that it's been 15 years.




And to prove that it's been that long, I have a wide variety of strange and unusual hairs growing in the most peculiar places to share with you all, but unfortunately, it's going to have to wait for the 20th, as I'm unable to come to Seattle this weekend.

Hope that everyone is aging well and living full lives.

Nate Noland

Chris Rebhuhn said...

I would normally never miss a chance to drink beer with old friends, but the wife, kid and I are heading down to CA for her family reunion. That's right, Rebhuhn had an offspring. No good can come of this.

Pour a little on the ground for me.

Jeff Balsley said...

I’ll stop by on Friday night. It’ll be fun to see the number of people I never got to know in High School, as well as the number of people who have no idea who I am :-). What the heck, I’ll enjoy the awkwardness! Time to get out the old yearbook and study names - Ouch, get a load of my senior picture…

Jeff Balsley (Balsley) :-)

Trent said...

Balsley! You were the backbone to Colonel T and the Sweathogs. You are a god in Open Mic lore. Please say hello if you recognize me and I will do the same.
Trent Mitchell

Liz Gehlsen said...

I'm with Jeff - not sure who I'll recognize or who will even remember me (except for Ms. Brannon)if I'm able to make it. But, I would love to hear if "crabs" was reality or a suburban legend. Good times.

Jeff Balsley said...

Hey TK! Good to hear from you. If Doss shows up maybe we can plan a reunion tour! Oh, if anyone has an iPhone, bring it along, I’d like to have a look at one.