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They are just now figuring this out?

Once again, this is truly the only solution that wouldn't alienate north east Oregon (i.e. Eastern Washington) as well as the huge metropolitan areas like Kelso and Aberdeen.

Imagine throwing your quarters to a fine looking and happy old man like the one pictured on the left. Just tugs your heart doesn't it?

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Hargrove Needs to Be Fired!!!

From USSMariner

"And, just to piss us off, Willie Bloomquist is starting in right field tonight, and Doyle (Snelling) gets the night off. Against a right-handed pitcher.

Yes, Willie got 5 hits last night. Big whoop de freaking do. That brought his average all the way up to .255 for the year and he has 9 extra base hits in 235 at-bats. Chris Snelling has 10 extra base hits in 77 at-bats, and he?s hitting .313/.413/.552 against right-handed pitching.

Oh, and if you want to use the ?he?s in a slump? argument, he?s hitting .294/.429/.529 in the last 7 days. So no."

I hate Willie Bloomquist

Another great OK GO video

Monday, September 18, 2006

In Her Shoes

Thank goodness for HBO. I never would have rented this movie. I won't even tell the guys I watched it when Rachelle was out of town. And I defintely won't tell anyone it's a heartfelt and emotional movie that really almost begs you to ask your own questions about your familial relationships.
Rent it. You'll enjoy it. Even your boyfriend or spouse will like it. (Plus, Cameron Diaz, whom I normally can't stand, is quite good and does a very admirable job walking around in panties for half the movie).

Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip

Set your Tivo for stun.
I already watched the pilot for this show on Netflix this summer and it's awesome. You won't be disappointed unless you consistently waste your life watching no-talent hacks sing, guys swap their wives, people live in the same room for 30 days and argue, or if you enjoy the antics of an idiot princess acting stupid in fish-out-0f-water scenarios that are pre-planned and unfunny.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

The worst words Rachelle heard all day...

After a day a listening to me yell at the TV (or more specifically the Seahawks ineptitude on special teams) and then hosting a house party, Rachelle was looking for a nice relaxing time together on the couch. To her horror I turned on the TV and Paul Silvi was saying "Stay Tuned For the Mike Holmgren Show". I cheered. She booed.

"Can't you just TIVO it or something?"

Friday, September 15, 2006

Badly Drawn Boy

I just heard the Badly Drawn Boy song "All Possibilities" used in a Target ad. That was a bit weird, but whatever pays the bills.


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How Superman Should Have Ended

85th and Stone Happy Hour

Happy Hour at our place on Sunday at 5:30 (anyone else is welcome too).
We'll provide the beer,wine, and some appetizers.
Casual dress required.

The horse will run Saturday at 3:00!

When I started working at Emerald Downs in 1997 I had no idea how long a furlong was, nor what it meant to get gelded (ouch), or even how to place a wager. I went there because they had a job for me in the Video Production Center that paid pretty decently in 1997 dollars.
My co-workers were very patient with me as I asked question after question my first couple of seasons. I mean the lingo is really like a foreign language and long-time owners and trainers can tell within seconds if you are a non-maiden worker. Bryson Cooper, Joe, Withee, and Robert Geller speant hours telling me all the details and history of Washington State horse racing from Longacres to Yakima to Auburn. And of course my buddy and traveling partner Grant Forster (yes, the Longacres Mile winning trainer Grant Forster) filled me in on the questions that I was too embarressed to ask the others. Which was many.

Over the course of my three years at the track I made a bunch of friends, ate gay ice cream with Marty, rocked in softball, picked three winners in a row for my sister's friends, hit on recent Enumclaw High graduates, and spent way too much time at Las Margaritas. But most importantly I became a horse racing fan. I mean I really do read the previews and results every day in the paper and I really can recall with great pride the past Longacres Miles winners. I can also laugh every time I picture the pint-sized lawn jockey in the paddock (the little guy reminds me of the miniature stone-henge that the dwarfs danced around in This Is Spinal Tap). Plus it's really cool having one of my best friends as a trainer to give me all the scoop.

There is a feeling that is difficult to describe when you see your horse cross the finish line. It's euphoric and fills your head with pride. It's even more gratifying if you pick the horse on your own after going back and forth in the form for 20 minutes between races. And it's even more gratifying if you had $20 across the board and was 10-1 on the tote board. But I digress.

Bottom line is this: if Is the Bar Closed finishes strongly or runs a very nice race I will be ecstatic. If he wins, well then look out because Trent Mitchell will be on a mission in transmission.

One last thing. If my horse wins, then I will forgive the horse that gave me a two-hoof boot in the back that lifted me eight-feet across the track and laid me up in the hospital in 1999. No questions asked.

Post time on Saturday is 3:15. Be there.

It's time for Is The Bar Closed

Our horse is running at Emerald Downs on Saturday for sure. We aren't sure what time yet.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Google's New Chairty Operation

First goal?
Building an efficient electric car.
Great read!

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New Weird Al Video

Get this video and more at

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Is the Bar Closed on Sept 15th?

Is the bar closed worked very well and got gate approved.
The tentative plan is to run this Friday, Sept. 15th if everything goes well and the race "fills."

Saturday, September 09, 2006

The New 9-11 Movie on ABC has Been Receiving Terrible Reviews

Plus, ABC has had to re-edit much of the movie due to "historical inaccuracies".

Can you please explain to me how a movie that takes place between five and ten years ago could be so inaccurate? Doesn't ABC know that the people the actors portray in this docu-drama are still alive? Have they heard of interviewing people? Phone calls or emails maybe? I know, it's a new concept.

Also, ABC seems to have forgotten that Bill Clinton had weekly meetings in regards to his rising concern of the Al Queda terrorists and that he did in fact leave the Bush office with a handy memo entitiled "Bin Laden determined to Attack US", which our current President conveniently put aside for another day.

Having a few inacuracies about an event that took place 100 years ago is somewhat excusable, and perhaps even expected. But getting this wrong is just sensationalism and lazy TV. I'm glad to hear it's a boring movie.

Hilarious Mid-West Town Uproar!!!

Man I am glad I live on a coast.

The best lines in the article:

He said he has had long discussions with his wife about the [Nude] photos but does not tell her what to do.

"My wife is 6-foot-3 and weighs 300 pounds," said Ozmun, who became chief in January 2005. "If there is somebody that thinks they can control her, have at it. I have tried for 11 years and haven't been able to."

What, did he marry The Rock or something?

A Message From Jason Bateman about Arrested Development

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More lake fun!

Another fantastic day on the lake. 90+ tomorrow? In September?